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PPC's Guide to Preparing Financial Statements

PPC's Guide to Preparing Financial Statements

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Preparing complete and accurate financial statements and related notes can be very challenging. PPC’s Guide to Preparing Financial Statements gives you the tools you need to quickly and efficiently create financial statements and note disclosures that comply with the latest accounting and financial reporting requirements.

The Guide is a financial statement preparers' manual tailored especially for preparers of financial statements for nonpublic companies. It takes you from the trial balance to the completed financial statements (including notes) in statement-by-statement, account-by-account sequence, regardless of whether the statements are audited, reviewed, compiled, or prepared by accountants in industry. You can use the information, including a disclosure checklist, to prepare financial statements and disclosures in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles or a special purpose framework.

When you encounter a new reporting issue, it is beneficial to see how other financial statement preparers may have reported the same or a similar issue. The Trends volume presents 33 sets of illustrative real-life financial statements and notes from a variety of industries using various reporting bases, referenced by an easy-to-use finding list and index to help you quickly find helpful illustrations.

As you face complex accounting and disclosure issues, you often need detailed, practical guidance. The Guide addresses a number of these issues including:

  • Business combinations
  • Consolidations and combinations
  • Tax transactions
  • Fair value measurements
  • Interest rate swaps and other derivative instruments

Additionally, the Guide covers financial statement and disclosure issues unique to retail, real estate, automobile dealerships, construction contractors, and nonprofit entities.

  • Preparing Financial Statements
    • Chapter 1 Basic Financial Statements and Applicability of Standards
    • Chapter 2 Form and Style Considerations
    • Chapter 3 The Balance Sheet
    • Chapter 4 Statements of Income and Comprehensive Income
    • Chapter 5 Statements of Retained Earnings and Stockholders' Equity
    • Chapter 6 The Statement of Cash Flows
    • Chapter 7 Notes to Financial Statements
    • Chapter 8 Supplementary Information
    • Chapter 9 Cash and Tax Bases and Other Special Purpose Frameworks
    • Chapter 10 Accounting for Certain Tax Transactions
    • Chapter 11 Business Combinations, Consolidations, and Controlling Financial Interests
    • Chapter 12 Applying LIFO
    • Chapter 13 Nonprofit Organizations
    • Chapter 14 Automobile Dealerships
    • Chapter 15 Retailing Industry
    • Chapter 16 Construction Contractors
    • Chapter 17 Development Stage Companies
    • Chapter 18 Development of Real Estate for Sale or Lease
    • Chapter 19 Fair Value Measurements
    • Chapter 20 Derivative Instruments
    • Trends
    • INDEX
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