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PPC's Practice Aids: PCAOB Audits

PPC's Practice Aids: PCAOB Audits

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PPC's Practice Aids™ - PCAOB Audits is the perfect companion to your subscription to PPC's Guide to PCAOB Audits. They are Microsoft® Word versions of all of the editable checklists and report illustrations in that Guide, and they contain extensive practical considerations and tips to help you draft your reports efficiently. They work with leading paperless engagement software or with Word alone.

PPC delivers the solution you've been asking for! PPC's Practice Aids™ are Microsoft® Word and Excel versions of all of the editable practice aids in the related PPC Guide. PPC's Practice Aids work with leading paperless engagement software or with Word and Excel alone.

PPC's Practice Aids include value added productivity features that save completion and review time, including:

  • Automatic entry of common engagement information

  • One-click signoffs for programs and checklists

  • Highlighting of unsigned audit program steps

  • Reporting of audit program changes

  • Live links into professional standards and PPC CD guidance

  • Math capabilities, with built in formulas

  • Controls over viewing and printing Practical Considerations

  • Quick fill-in features for confirmations and letters

  • Tickmarks that work on all Word and Excel documents

Experience improved productivity and convenience right away!

  • No learning curve-your staff already uses Word and Excel!

  • No cutting and pasting from other documents

  • Practice aids can travel with you and are easily accessible

  • Easily share key documents with your clients