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SEC Accounting and Reporting Manual

SEC Accounting and Reporting Manual

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SEC Accounting and Reporting Manual takes you quickly and confidently through the maze of SEC requirements. This authoritative, two-volume reference explains exactly what is expected in various reporting situations, how to comply with SEC regulations and guidelines, what SEC reports to file, and when to file them.

This reference:


  • Tells you what reports to file and when
  • Interprets SEC technical requirements, giving you clear and reliable compliance guidance
  • Is updated four times a year to keep you on top of new developments
  • Provides detailed discussion of relevant SEC reporting and registration forms

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  • Highlights
  • SEC Organization
  • Chapter 1: Organization of the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Chapter 2: Statutes Administered by the SEC
  • Registration — 1933 Act
  • Chapter 3: Registration Under the Securities Act of 1933
  • Filings — 1934 Act
  • Chapter 4: Registration Under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
  • Chapter 5: Annual Reports: Form 10-K
  • Chapter 6: Quarterly Reports: Form 10-Q
  • Chapter 7: Current Event Report: Form 8-K
  • Proxy and Information Statements
  • Chapter 8: Proxy and Information Statements
  • Regulation S-K
  • Chapter 9: Regulation S-K: Disclosures Other Than Financial Statements


  • Chapter 10: Financial Statements
  • Incorporation by Reference
  • Chapter 13: Incorporation by Reference
  • Specialized Industries
  • Chapter 13A: Oil and Gas
  • Chapter13B: Banks and Bank Holding Companies
  • Chapter13C: Insurance Companies
  • Independent Accountants' Responsibility
  • Chapter 14: The Accountant's Role in SEC Practice
  • Prospective Financial Information
  • Chapter 14A: Prospective Financial Information
  • Exemptions From Registration
  • Chapter 15: Exemptions From Registration: Small Issues; Limited and Private Offerings Foreign Offerings and Reporting
  • Chapter 16: Foreign Company Reporting
  • Exchange Listings
  • Chapter 17: Exchange Listing
  • Chapter 18: Electronic Filing
  • Checkpoint SEC GAAP Brochure View