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SEC Expert: Domestic Filers

SEC Expert: Domestic Filers

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SEC Expert: Domestic Filers is an end-to-end compliance solution for US corporations filing with the SEC, and the accountants, auditors, and attorneys who advise them. It provides complete SEC reporting guidance, along with frequent updates to keep them on top of the latest SEC, FASB, IASB, AICPA and PCAOB developments affecting their filings.

A team of authors and editors provides detailed analysis of relevant rules and regulations as well as expert commentary in the form of: tips, notes, reminders, security, calculations, cautions, and observations identified in text boxes to speed research. It includes detailed checklists, sample disclosures taken from actual SEC filings, and the robust linking to primary source materials, additional sample and model language, editorial analysis, and SEC Filings.

SEC Expert: Domestic Filers will greatly streamline key tasks faced by the external reporting team at US public companies:

  • Completing periodic, registration, and other SEC filings in a timely, accurate manner.
  • Confidently identifying, as part of a careful item-by-item work process, any new changes in the rules and requirements that might affect specific items of those filings.
  • Utilizing checklists to efficiently review filings for any errors or omissions and for compliance with all new rules or regulatory requirements.
  • Quickly determining which forms (and specific items within those forms) are impacted by a particular rule change or standard setting activity.
  • Streamlining the research process by instantly linking to related primary source material, SEC filings, and additional analysis within a unified content platform.
  • Providing less experienced staff with a comprehensive resource where they can gain a detailed understanding of compliance requirements for specific filings at an item-by-item level.
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