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Budgeting and Forecasting Manual

Budgeting and Forecasting Manual

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The Budgeting and Forecasting Manual is both a resource of proven techniques and a step-by-step reference source for evaluating, forecasting, and presenting annual or long-term budgets and plans.

Starting with the factors of a sound business plan, the Budgeting and Forecasting Manual covers short-term and annual plans for sales, marketing, manufacturing, research, finance and administration. It also discusses major long-term planning activities such as developing strategic plans for various departments, performing product-market analysis, determining risk, and using budget results to increase operating efficiency.

The Manual's specific budgeting techniques help you:

  • Explore the financial impact of alternative budget strategies
  • Get buy-in from department heads to achieve the overall plan
  • Schedule the budget preparation process using methods most appropriate for your company
  • Institute an effective cost system using modern applications
  • Develop detailed forecasts by evaluating long-term trends, cyclical movements, seasonal patterns, and random fluctuations

The Manual includes discussions of budgeting for security, revenue forecasts, specialized techniques applied to budgeting, operations measurements and internal control procedures, and capital budgeting procedures.