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Cost Management

Cost Management

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By examining and critiquing evolving methods and techniques, Cost Management will enable you to develop, improve, and make better use of your organization’s cost and performance management systems. Our readers are interested to hear about new cost management and performance improvement concepts and practices; they wish to learn how to make what they already do better. At the same time, they wish to learn how they can increase or improve their skills. Cost Management also publishes articles and papers that address macro socio economic matters, emerging trends and business concepts as well as other factors that are likely to influence organization performance in the future.

Cost Management examines the different systems and methods for controlling and improving your company’s activities, processes, products, and services involving all aspects of cost management. By featuring research based papers, experience-based articles and case studies, Cost Management provides you with the tools and information necessary to improve decision making and organization performance at all levels of your company.

Essential topics discussed include:

  • Lean accounting/management and Six Sigma
  • Activity-based costing and time-driven ABC
  • Microfinance
  • Balanced scorecard and target costing
  • Non-financial performance measures with examples of how they might be a valuable tool for your company
  • Budgeting and management reporting
  • Decision Support Systems (DSS)
  • Strategic planning
  • Simulation modelling
  • Analytics
  • New computing capabilities and how they are employed to improve organization performance
  • Strategy formulation as a critical method of prioritizing resource allocation

Cost Management features articles written by respected industry professionals with a wide range of experience in all areas of cost management, organization performance management and accounting.

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