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Internal Auditing Manual

Internal Auditing Manual

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No matter what type of audit you're performing -- risk-based financial audits, operational audits, IT audits, compliance audits, or special reviews -- you'll find step-by-step guidance on how to handle every aspect of the job in the Internal Auditing Manual. The Manual delivers practical and effective audit techniques to help you plan, organize, and execute all of your audits.

The Internal Auditing Manual provides the details and strategies you need to establish and manage an internal auditing department, use risk-based audit approaches, conduct fieldwork efficiently, evaluate internal controls, and optimize the use of computer-based audit tools. Coverage of the IIA's International Professional Practices Framework is incorporated throughout.

This invaluable resource covers such topics as:

  • The conceptual basis of internal auditing
  • Various auditing standards
  • Managing an internal auditing department
  • Effective and efficient auditing processes and techniques
  • Financial, operational, and compliance audits
  • Information technology and auditing
  • Fraud and business ethics
  • Special reviews and investigations