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Personal Financial Planning Handbook with Forms and Checklists

Personal Financial Planning Handbook with Forms and Checklists

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This one-source practice tool provides expert guidance on all areas of personal financial planning along with practice-proven forms and checklists.

With Personal Financial Planning Handbook: with Forms & Checklists, Second Edition, practitioners can efficiently customize strategies for their clients.

This time-saving reference provides all the tools required, including countless forms and checklists, illustrative examples, specific strategies for the ten most common client types, charts, and graphs. Reference appendixes highlight such information as tax rates, bond ratings, and present and future value tables. Every financial planning situation is addressed, including: equity investments, tax planning, retirement planning, insurance planning and risk management, and estate planning. Special client circumstances such as college funding, divorce, or adoption are taken into consideration.

Includes hundreds of forms, checklists, and charts, including real estate investments preference and suitability analyses, statements of financial condition and supporting schedules, and guidelines for obtaining adequate insurance and creating evaluations prior to estate planning.

  • Personal Financial Planning Handbook: With Forms & Checklists - Pond
    • Chapter 1: Personal Financial Planning Environment
    • Chapter 2: Planning and Recordkeeping
    • Chapter 3: Personal Financial Statements
    • Chapter 4: Insurance Planning
    • Chapter 5: Credit Management
    • Chapter 6: Capital Accumulation
    • Chapter 7: Equity Investments
    • Chapter 8: Interest-Earning Investments
    • Chapter 9: Real Estate Investments
    • Chapter 10: Tax Planning
    • Chapter 11: Retirement Planning
    • Chapter 12: Estate Planning
    • Chapter 13: Special Client Circumstances
    • Chapter 14: Practice Management and Development
    • Chapter AppStyle-0: Appendixes
      • Appendix 1. Associations of Interest to Financial Planners
      • Appendix 3. Summary of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940(With Table of Contents to the Act)
      • Appendix 5. Frequently Used Types of Insurance
      • Appendix 6. Best's Life and Health Insurance Company Ratings
      • Appendix 7. Selected Legislation Affecting Borrowers' Rights
      • Appendix 8. Performance of Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
      • Appendix 15. Corporate Bond Ratings
      • Appendix 17. Treasury Security Auction Calendar
      • Appendix 18. Mortgage-Related Securities
      • Appendix 19. Summary of Real Estate Investments
      • Appendix 21. Selected IRS Forms by Number and Title
      • Appendix 22. IRS Publications
      • Appendix 23. Charitable Contribution Limits
      • Appendix 24. State Personal Income Taxes—Rates, Exemptions, Reports
      • Appendix 25. Life Expectancy by Age and Sex:United States
      • Appendix 26. Social Security Information for Working People
      • Appendix 27. Social Security Benefits: Recipient Information
      • Appendix 30. Uniform Life ExpectancyTable for MinimumWithdrawals from Inherited IRAs
      • Appendix 31. Miscellaneous Income Tax Rates and Phase-Out Rules
      • Appendix 32. Tax Rate Schedule for Estates and Trusts
      • Appendix 33. Average Four-Year Education Costs