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BCP 401: Full U.S. Admission Package

BCP 401: Full U.S. Admission Package

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BCP 401: Full U.S. Admission Package

All U.S. courses for a year. Our premium package.
Details provided in the Table of Contents.

    Features include:
  • This package includes more than 125 Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) Credits and more than 55 Certified Export Specialist (CES) credits.
  • Certificate provided upon successful completion.
  • Automatically renewed.
  • Full year's access.
  • Management tools and reports for your virtual classroom.
  • Unlimited student accounts and an active capacity of 10.
    Need more than 10 users? Higher capacity upgrades are also available. Call 888-880-4088.

100 Level Courses: Foundational Education
Provides a solid base of understanding in a wide range of subjects. Perfect review for compliance professionals, and an excellent resource for new staff, other departments, subsidiaries, or foreign vendors.

200 Level Courses: Application of Skills Education
Providing for beyond the base knowledge, these courses teach the practical “how-to” of key topics. Deepen student understanding with real-world examples and extensive external resources. Exams that teach as well as test.

300 Level Courses: Specialization
Even more detail for advanced learning, these courses are designed for students who have more specific interests or who need advanced training.