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Payroll Create-a-Chart

Payroll Create-a-Chart

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Payroll Create-a-Chart provides immediate access to the most up-to-date federal and multi-state payroll tax comparison charts with hypertext links to detailed explanations.

Payroll Create a Chart saves you time and makes your workflow more efficient by allowing you to quickly create charts listing quick reference information from any state, the District of Columbia and/or Federal.

Delivered right to your desktop, you can quickly review payroll tax comparison charts relating to topics in federal and state withholding, unemployment tax, wage payment, garnishment, wage hour, and new hire reporting. Simply select a chart type and any number of states and/or federal to compare information. Checkpoint will display the chart in an easy to read format which can easily be exported to an Excel document. Charts are dynamically updated and are always in sync with current information and editorial explanations.

There are over 170 charts (and counting) currently available. Below is a sampling of them:

  • Deposit Frequency -- When is an employer required to deposit withholding taxes?
  • Electronic Funds Transfer -- Must payroll tax deposits be made by EFT?
  • Fringe Benefits -- Are fringe benefits included in taxable wages for withholding tax purposes?
  • Local taxes -- What local taxes must be withheld from employees?
  • Local taxes -- What local taxes must an employer pay?
  • Nonwage Income -- What form must be given to an independent contractor?
  • Penalties -- What penalties are an employer subject to for failure to timely file returns?
  • Reciprocal agreements -- Do states have an agreement that allows employers not to withhold from a nonresident employee?
  • Resident/Nonresident Withholding -- What are the withholding rules for residents/nonresidents?
  • Retirement Plan Distributions -- When is an employer required to report retirement plan distributions on an information return?
  • Supplemental Wages -- What are the withholding rules if supplemental wages are not paid at the same time as regular wages?
  • Supplemental Wages -- What are the withholding rules if supplemental wages are paid at the same time as regular wages?
  • Tax Deposit Coupon -- What form do I use to pay withholding taxes?
  • W-2 Reporting -- Am I required to file an annual reconciliation?
  • W-2 Reporting -- What is the deadline for filing W-2s with the taxing authority?
  • W-2 Reporting -- What is the deadline for giving W-2s to employees?
  • W-2 Reporting -- Does the state accept copies of Federal Form W-2?
  • W-2 Reporting -- Is an employer required to file W-2s electronically?
  • Withholding Allowance Certificate -- How is withholding determined if employee didn't file a withholding certificate?
  • Withholding Allowance Certificate -- Does state accept Federal Form W-4?
  • Withholding Allowance Certificate -- Under what conditions, must withholding certificates be sent to the state?
  • Withholding Returns and Payments -- What forms are used for filing and payment of withholding tax?
  • Withholding Tables -- How can I compute federal and state withholding?
  • Common Paymaster -- Does the taxing authority recognize common paymaster status?
  • Disability Insurance -- Does the state have disability benefit laws?
  • Electronic Reporting -- Does taxing authority require unemployment tax returns and payments to be made electronically?
  • Employee or Independent Contractor -- What rules are used to determine whether a worker should be classified as an employee or independent contactor?
  • Interstate Reciprocal Coverage Arrangements -- Does state's unemployment taxable wage base include wages paid to other states?
  • Penalties --Transfer of Business -- What are the successorship rules?
  • PEO/Employee Leasing -- Is the PEO or client's tax rate used on unemployment tax returns?
  • Recordkeeping -- What is the minimum period that unemployment tax records must be kept?
  • Tax Rates -- What are the federal and state unemployment tax rates for new and experienced employers?
  • Taxable Wage Base -- How much wages are subject to unemployment tax?
  • Taxable Wages -- What fringe benefits are included in taxable wages for unemployment tax purposes?
  • Unemployment Benefits -- How much can an employee receive in unemployment tax benefits?
  • Unemployment Tax -- Do employees make unemployment tax contributions?
  • Voluntary Contributions -- Can employer make a voluntary contribution to lower its unemployment tax rate?
  • Wage and Tax Reports -- What form does an employer file for unemployment tax?
  • Workers' Compensation -- What is the maximum workers'; compensation benefit?
  • Day of Rest Required? -- Does taxing authority require workers to have a day of rest?
  • Meal and Rest Period Required? -- Must workers have meals and rest periods?
  • Minimum Wage Rate -- What are the federal and state minimum wage rates?
  • Overtime -- What are the federal and state overtime rules?
  • Subminimum wage -- Can certain workers be paid below the minimum wage?
  • Tip Credit -- What is the tip credit that may be applied against the minimum wage?
  • Tipped Employees -- Minimum Cash Wage -- What is the minimum cash wage that tipped employees must receive?
  • Child Support -- What are the rules for deducting child support payments from an employee?
  • Garnishment -- What is the maximum amount that can be garnished from an employee's wages?
  • Deceased employees -- Who is a deceased employee's wages payable to?
  • Direct Deposit -- Does state allow direct deposit of an employee's wages?
  • Medical Support -- What states have medical support rules?
  • New Hire -- What are the taxing authority's rules with respect to new hire reporting?
  • Paycards -- Does state allow wages to be paid on paycards?
  • Terminated Employee -- When must a terminated employee be paid?
  • Unclaimed Wages -- When must unclaimed wages be reported to the taxing authority?
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