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Payroll Guide

Payroll Guide

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Payroll Guide is a comprehensive and easy-to-understand payroll reference and research tool that payroll professionals have relied on for more than 70 years, delivering the basic information and primary resources required to efficiently manage and administer a payroll.

The Guide provides detailed explanation and analysis of federal, state, and local income tax withholding. Find answers to all your questions concerning deposit and reporting requirements, Social Security and Medicare taxes, federal unemployment tax, state unemployment and disability, benefits law and regulation, federal and state wage-hour laws, garnishments and child support withholding and much more.

The Guide features a wealth of primary law directly linked to the text of the analysis to give you statutory backup whenever you need to make your point with management, unions and employees.

Coverage includes:

  • Full text of the Internal Revenue Code and the Federal Tax Regulations, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and the FLSA and FMLA regulations
  • Cited sections of state wage-hour, wage-payment, income tax, child-support, new-hire-reporting, and garnishment statutes and regulations
  • Special industry coverage of the healthcare, education, government, nonprofit, entertainment, and hospitality payrolls
  • Federal and state forms, payroll savings ideas, calendars of deposit and filing due dates, withholding tables, quick reference charts to speed research, hundreds of real-life examples, tips, and cautions from payroll experts
  • Wage-Hour Opinion Letters issued by the Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division
  • Periodic special studies on hot topics
  • Includes access to e-Form RS tax form library
  • Includes access to five special payroll calculators: paycheck, gross-up, bonus (aggregate method), bonus (percentage), and hourly paycheck

You also receive, at no additional cost, the Payroll Guide Newsletter (biweekly) providing everything the payroll professional needs to keep up-to-date -- legislative developments, state regulatory updates, recent court decisions, current trends, commentary and advice from nationally known payroll experts.

List of Content (Click any title to expand the list)

  • Explanation and Analysis
  • Federal and State Forms
  • Glossary
  • Consumer Price Index
  • Employers and Employees — Federal Rules
  • What Are Wages — Federal Rules
  • Federal Taxes — Withholding/Returns/Deposits
  • State and Local Withholding
  • State Unemployment/Disability
  • Wage Payments and Garnishments
  • Federal Wage-Hour Law
  • State Wage-Hour Law
  • Other LawsInternational Payroll Considerations
  • Special Industry Practices
  • Special Studies
  • Employee Benefits: What Are Wages?
  • Worker Classification Employee or Independent Contractor
  • Sick Pay: Taxation and Reporting
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Considerations for Payroll Professionals
  • Child Labor: An Overview of State and Federal Rules
  • Federal Withholding Tables
  • State Withholding Tables
  • Index
  • Payroll Guide Newsletter