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EBIA COBRA: The Developing Law

EBIA COBRA: The Developing Law

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EBIA COBRA: The Developing Law explores the nuances of COBRA using real-life examples as a platform for discussing the complicated COBRA rules. Written and edited by experienced employee benefits attorneys, it answers your tough questions and provides comprehensive guidance on all aspects of COBRA administration. Topics include:

  • Employers and plans that must comply with COBRA
  • Qualifying events, including information about who is qualified as a beneficiary
  • Notices that are required
  • COBRA election procedures
  • Type of coverage that must be offered, and for how long
  • COBRA premiums and how they're determined, and when premiums must be paid
  • Why COBRA compliance is so important
  • And much more

In-depth discussions, along with numerous tables, checklists, and sample documents, will keep you informed of current legal developments and assist you in your COBRA compliance efforts.

In addition, subscribers to the online edition will get access to primary source material including:

  • ERISA History
  • Advance Notices of Proposed, Interim & Final DOL Rules
  • DOL Final Regulations and Interim Rules
  • Preambles to DOL Final Regulations and Interim Rules
  • DOL Proposed Regulations & Preambles
  • Selected US Code Provisions
  • Selected US Code Provisions History
  • Selected Final Federal Regulations
  • Preambles to Selected Final Federal Regulations
  • Selected Proposed Federal Regulations & Preambles
  • Other Selected Tax Documents & Releases
  • ERISA Opinion Letters
  • DOL Rulings & Releases
  • Other Miscellaneous Nontax Releases
  • Internal Revenue Code (1990 - present)
  • Code History
  • Final and Temporary Regulations
  • Advanced Notices of Proposed Rulemaking & Treasury Decisions
  • Prior Final and Temporary Regulations (Treasury Decisions)
  • Preambles to Final and Temporary Regulations (Treasury Decisions)
  • Preambles to Proposed Treasury Regulations (Treasury Decisions)
  • Prior Proposed Regulations & Preambles
  • Proposed Regulations and Preambles
  • IRS Publications
  • EBIA Committee Report Excerpts
  • PLRs and TAMs (1977 - present)
  • Revenue Rulings (1954 - present)
  • Revenue Procedures (1955 - present)
  • Announcements (1959 - present)
  • Notices (1980 - present)
  • Internal Revenue Manual
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