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Guide to Taxation of Benefits

Guide to Taxation of Benefits

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Interpreting federal and state law, Guide to Taxation of Benefits addresses the tax issues related to employer-provided benefits from the payroll practitioner's perspective. Includes full-text search functionality and links to primary law sources.

Stay on top of the ever-changing world of taxation of employee benefits with:

  • Detailed analysis of employee fringe, health, cafeteria plan, defined contribution plans, employer stock plans, pension plan benefits and non-qualified deferred compensation arrangements
  • Reporting requirements for Forms W-2, 941 and 940
  • State withholding and unemployment tax information
  • Quick reference charts reflecting the latest tax year information
  • Coverage of fringe, transportation, educational, health, accident, life insurance and state tax benefits
  • Additional coverage of termination and special wage payments
  • Clear, concise guidance, including examples, sample forms, charts, and official references

List of Content (Click any title to expand the list)

  • Chapter 1: Fringe Benefits
  • Chapter 2: Transportation Benefits
  • Chapter 3: Educational Benefits
  • Chapter 4: Termination Payments
  • Chapter 5: Other Special Wage Payments
  • Chapter 6: Cafeteria Plans
  • Chapter 7: Health and Accident Insurance Benefits
  • Chapter 8: Life Insurance Benefits
  • Chapter 9: Defined Contribution Plans
  • Chapter 10: Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Arrangements
  • Chapter 11: Employer Stock Plans
  • Chapter 12: Federal Withholding and Employment Taxes
  • Chapter 13: Returns/Information Reports
  • Chapter 14: State Taxation of Benefits
  • Chapter 15: Forms
  • Chapter 16: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Chapter 17: Glossary
  • Chapter 18: Appendices
  • Index