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Advising the Elderly or Disabled Client

Advising the Elderly or Disabled Client

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Advising the Elderly or Disabled Client, Second Edition expedites research, providing specific answers and solutions to legal and practical questions and problems that arise in daily practice when representing elderly or disabled clients.

This resource offers coverage of an extremely sensitive area, giving you step-by-step guidance to remain on solid ground in a complex legal or financial scenario.

Authors Lawrence A. Frolik, of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, and Melissa C. Brown, an attorney with the Sacramento law firm of Farrell, Fraulob & Brown, provide expert coverage across the full range of elderly or disabled client concerns, including: planning for Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance; medical decision-making and right-to-die issues; retirement and disability income planning; acute, chronic or changing medical conditions such as AIDS, Alzheimer's, strokes and mental illness. There is even a chapter on evaluated residences and special accommodations for the disabled or elderly client.

Includes scores of practice aids such as official forms, model documents, detailed real-world examples, checklists for interviewing and planning, and a quick-reference glossary of technical terms, concepts, and acronyms.

  • Advising the Elderly or Disabled Client - Frolik & Brown
    • Chapter 1: Clients With Special Needs—The Planner's Role
    • Chapter 2: The Initial Client Interview
    • Chapter 3: Overview of Common Mental and Physical Impairments
    • Chapter 4: Social Security Benefits
    • Chapter 5: Supplemental Security Income
    • Chapter 6: Proving Disability for Social Security and SSI Claims
    • Chapter 7: Social Security and SSI Applications & Appeals Issues
    • Chapter 8: Americans With Disabilities Act
    • Chapter 9: Other Federal and State Benefits
    • Chapter 10: Age Discrimination in Employment
    • Chapter 11: Private Pension Plans
    • Chapter 12: Health Care Maintenance
    • Chapter 13: Medicare
    • Chapter 14: Medicaid
    • Chapter 15: Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Insurance [Revised Title]
    • Chapter 16: Assisted Living and Other Housing Choices [Revised Title]
    • Chapter 17: Special Planning for the Disabled Individual and Special Needs Trusts
    • Chapter 18: Special Planning Concerns for a Client With AIDS
    • Chapter 19: Medical Treatment Decision Making for Disabled Minors and Adults
    • Chapter 20: Situational Mental Incapacity—When Substitute Decision Making Is Needed [Revised Title]
    • Chapter 21: Powers of Attorney and Other Forms of Substitute Decision Making
    • Chapter 22: Adult Guardianship and Conservatorship
    • Chapter 23: Right to Die Issues
    • Chapter 24: Federal Income Taxation
    • Chapter 25: Federal Estate and Gift Taxation
    • Chapter 26: Estate Planning
    • Chapter 27: Use of Trusts
    • Chapter 28: Elder Abuse, Exploitation, and Neglect
    • Chapter 0: AppendixTable of Contents
      • Appendix 2-1. Interview Guide
      • Appendix 2-2. Records Location Checklist
      • Appendix 4-1. Worker's Compensation/Public Disability Benefit Questionnaire
      • Appendix 5-1. SSI Income Computation Worksheet
      • Appendix 5-2. [Reserved]
      • Appendix 5-3. Parent to Child Deeming
      • Appendix 5-4. Sponsor to Documented Immigrant Deeming Worksheet
      • Appendix 5-5. SSA Transfer-of-Resources Fact Sheet
      • Appendix 5-6. POM Sections: Transfer of Resources for Less Than Fair Market ValuePOM Sections 01150.005–01150.010, Transmittal No. 13, SSA Pub. No.69-0501150 (Sept. 2000).
      • Appendix 5-8. SSA POMs: Special Needs TrustsEmergency Message EM-00067 (May 26, 2000).
      • Appendix 5-9. States That Supplement SSI
      • Appendix 6-1. Application for Disability Insurance Benefits
      • Appendix 6-2. Disability Report—Adult
      • Appendix 6-3. Work History Report
      • Appendix 6-4. Claimant’s Recent Medical Treatment
      • Appendix 6-5. Claimant’s Medications
      • Appendix 6-6. Claimant’s Work Background
      • Appendix 6-7. Function Report
      • Appendix 6-8. Mental Disability Assessments
      • Appendix 6-9. [Reserved]
      • Appendix 6-10. [Reserved]
      • Appendix 6-11. [Reserved]
      • Appendix 6-12. Medical Assessment of Ability to Do Work-Related Activities (Physical)
      • Appendix 6-13. Medical Assessment of Ability to Do Work-Related Activities (Mental)
      • Appendix 6-14. [Reserved]
      • Appendix 6-15. [Reserved]
      • Appendix 6-16. Plan for Achieving Self-Support
      • Appendix 7-4. Appointment of Representative
      • Appendix 7-5. Request for Reconsideration
      • Appendix 7-6. Request for Waiver of Overpayment Recovery or Change in Repayment Rate
      • Appendix 7-7. Request For Reconsideration—Disability Cessation—Right to Appear
      • Appendix 7-8. Disability Report—Appeal
      • Appendix 7-9. Request for Hearing by Administrative Law Judge
      • Appendix 7-10. Request For Review of Hearing Decision/Order
      • Appendix 7-12. Sample Argument to Appeals Council
      • Appendix 7-13. Model Complaint to Appeal Denial of Social Security Disability
      • Appendix 7-14. Model Complaint to Appeal Denial of Supplemental Security Income
      • Appendix 7-15. Social Security Model Fee AgreementSource: Social Security Administration.
      • Appendix 7-16. Second Status Request Addresses: Fee Agreement Only
      • Appendix 7-17. Petition For Attorney Fees Before the SSA
      • Appendix 8-1. Americans With Disabilities Act: Sample Complaint
      • Appendix 8-2. Executive Order: Community-Based Alternatives for Individuals With Disabilities
      • Appendix 9-1. Application for Special Benefits for World War II Veterans
      • Appendix 13-2. [Reserved]
      • Appendix 13-3. Advance Beneficiary Notice
      • Appendix 13-4. Appointment of Representative
      • Appendix 13-5. Medicare Redetermination Request Form
      • Appendix 13-6. Medicare Reconsideration Request Form
      • Appendix 13-7. Request for Part A Medicare Hearing by an Administrative Law Judge
      • Appendix 13-8. Request for Review of Part B Medicare Claim
      • Appendix 13-9. Request for Hearing—Part B Medicare Claim
      • Appendix 13-10. Request for Part B Medicare Hearing by an Administrative Law Judge
      • Appendix 13-11. Application for Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs
      • Appendix 14-2. Selected Sections of State Medicaid Manual, HCFA—Transmittal No. 64—November 1994
      • Appendix 14-3. Deed With Retained Life Estate and Power to Sell and Retain Proceeds
      • Appendix 16-1. Employment Agreement
      • Appendix 16-2. Model Agreement for Nonresidential Caregiving
      • Appendix 16-3. Occupancy Agreement
      • Appendix 16-4. Model Contract for House Exchange for Life-Time Care
      • Appendix 17-2. Model Special Needs Trust
      • Appendix 21-1. Model Durable Power of Attorney
      • Appendix 21-2. Model for Appointment of Surrogate Health Care Decision Maker
      • Appendix 21-3. Revocation of Power of Attorney Form
      • Appendix 21-5. Model Letter to Accompany Standby Power of Attorney
      • Appendix 23-1. State Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Will Statutes
      • Appendix 23-2. State Surrogate Decisionmaking Statutes
      • Appendix 23-4. State Emergency Health Care Treatment Statutes
      • Appendix 23-5. Living Will Declaration
      • Appendix 23-6. Patient Information Concerning Advance Directives for Health Care
      • Appendix 23-7. State Default Appointment of Surrogate Health Care Decision Makers
      • Appendix 24-1. Model Multiple Support Agreement
      • Appendix 24-2. Certification of Chronically Ill Individual Under Internal Revenue Code § 7702B
      • Appendix 25-1. Model Completed Gift Tax Return—Form 709
      • Appendix 25-2. Model Completed Estate Tax Return—Form 706
      • Appendix 26-1. Model Estate Planning Questionnaire
      • Appendix 26-2. Model Will of Husband With Trust for Disabled Beneficiary
      • Appendix 27-1. Model Revocable Trust
      • Appendix 27-2. Model Irrevocable Insurance Trust
      • Appendix 27-3. Model Amendment to Revocable Trust
      • Appendix 27-4. Trust Protector
    • Appendix 0. Glossary