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Electronic Commerce: Taxation and Planning

Electronic Commerce: Taxation and Planning

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    2 times/year
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    David Hardesty
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Electronic Commerce: Taxation and Planning addresses the U.S., international, and state and local tax considerations associated with electronic commerce transactions in a straightforward, easy-to-read manner.
In addition, the author explains the processes that are involved in starting and operating an electronic commerce site, from web page development to the closing of transactions over the Internet.

Numerous case studies are provided to illustrate the yet unanswerable issues in this area. In many instances, the author provides his prediction of the resolution of these issues and explains the basis for his conclusions.

  • Hardesty: Electronic Commerce: Taxation and Planning
    • Chapter 1: Overview of Taxation of Electronic Commerce
    • Chapter 2: Electronic Commerce Fundamentals
    • Chapter 3: Web Sites
    • Chapter 4: Privacy and Security
    • Chapter 5: Online Currencies, Accounts, and Payment Systems
    • Chapter 6: Tax Compliance
    • Chapter 7: Web Site Development Costs
    • Chapter 8: Acquisition or Disposition of an Internet-Based Business
    • Chapter 9: Valuation of an Online Business
    • Chapter 10: Introduction to International Taxation of Electronic Commerce
    • Chapter 11: Outbound Transactions
    • Chapter 11A: Value Added Tax and E-Commerce
    • Chapter 11B: Character and Source of Income From Electronic Commerce
    • Chapter 11C: Taxation of E-Commerce Under Tax Treaties
    • Chapter 12: Inbound Transactions
    • Chapter 13: Foreign Corporations Owned by U.S. Persons
    • Chapter 13A: Transfer Pricing and Electronic Commerce
    • Chapter 13B: E-Commerce Issues for Partners and Partnerships
    • Chapter 14: Sales and Use Tax
    • Chapter 14A: Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement
    • Chapter 15: Multistate Income Tax
    • Chapter 16: Digital Products
    • Chapter 17: State Tax Summaries
    • Chapter 18: Revenues and E-Commerce
    • Chapter 19: E-Commerce Tax Policy
    • Appendix A. E-Commerce Tax News Archives
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