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Federal Income Taxation of S Corporations

Federal Income Taxation of S Corporations

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One-year subscription, includes all updates.
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One-year subscription, includes all updates.
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The new Fifth Edition of Federal Income Taxation of S Corporations provides comprehensive, up-to-date guidance on the election, operation, and termination of S corporation status. You’ll get the information you need concerning the federal tax regulations that govern S corporations, how the rules apply to daily business operations, and all relevant court decisions and Private Letter Rulings that could affect your business or your clients.

The authors, James S. Eustice, Joel D. Kuntz, and John A. Bogdanski, long recognized as authorities on federal income taxation, combine the highest level of tax analysis with practical guidance. They provide planning strategies, useful examples, and realistic solutions to every facet of the benefits and challenges that S corporations offer.

Federal Income Taxation of S Corporations will help you:

  • Reach your answers quickly with in-depth guidance on properly electing and maintaining S corporation status, including the mechanics of a qualified election, limits on the type and number of shareholders, class of stock, permitted taxable year, capitalization, shareholders’ agreements, and allowable ownership of subsidiaries
  • Understand the rules governing the pass-through of income, losses, deductions, and credits from an S corporation to its shareholders
  • Get the details on all the considerations involved in mergers with related corporations, Type D reorganizations, and other consolidations, transfers, and acquisitions of stock or property
  • Easily compare the advantages and disadvantages of S corporations with other closely held entities such as C corporations, limited liability companies, and family-owned partnerships, and the effect that interrelationships with these entities may have on the qualification of an S corporation
  • Navigate the requirements of terminating S corporation status, revoking a termination, and avoiding inadvertent termination
  • Take advantage of time-saving, ready-to-use, S corporation-specific checklists and IRS forms

This treatise also offers authoritative, easy-to-use guidance on avoiding costly pitfalls and securing the maximum benefits from S corporation status.

  • Eustice, Kuntz & Bogdanski: Federal Income Taxation of S Corporations
    • Chapter 1: History and Future of Subchapter S
    • Chapter 2: Uses of S Corporations
    • Chapter 3: Eligibility to Elect Under Subchapter S
    • Chapter 4: Mechanics of S Corporation Election
    • Chapter 5: Termination of Subchapter S Status
    • Chapter 6: Organization, Capitalization, and Shareholders' Agreements
    • Chapter 7: Taxation of Income, Losses, Deductions, and Credits
    • Chapter 8: Distributions
    • Chapter 9: Basis of Stock and Debt
    • Chapter 10: S Corporations in Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies
    • Chapter 11: Compensation
    • Chapter 12: Corporate Reorganizations and Divisions
    • Chapter 13: Redemptions, Liquidations, Sales, and Purchases
    • Chapter 14: Financially Distressed S Corporations and Shareholders
    • Chapter 15: Death of a Shareholder or Trust Beneficiary
    • Chapter 16: Procedural Matters
    • Chapter 17: Tax Pitfalls
    • Appendix A. Checklists and Forms
    • Appendix B. Legislative History of Subchapter S
    • Appendix C. Table of Articles
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