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Federal Tax Coordinator Library/State Combo with TAPS #2: Pennsylvania

Federal Tax Coordinator Library/State Combo with TAPS #2: Pennsylvania

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Federal Tax Coordinator Library/State Combo w/TAPS #2 consists of a comprehensive and up-to-date source of federal tax law, regulations, committee reports, cases, rulings and explanations. Along with full coverage of federal income, estate, gift and excise taxes, IRS information that offers comprehensive coverage of income, sales, and property taxes; and a complete compilation of the Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations for speedy reference; and the latest proactive tax planning strategies.

Federal Tax Coordinator Library/ State Combo w/TAPS #2 consists of:

Federal Tax Coordinator

  • Complete coverage of income, estate, gift, excise, FICA and FUTA taxes
  • Complete compilation of the Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations
  • The premier Federal Taxes Weekly Alert newsletter
  • RIA Federal Tax Handbook

IRS Materials

  • IRS Revenue Rulings, Procedures, Notices, Announcements, Delegation orders, IRnews and Service Center Announcements
  • IRS Publications
  • Tax Tables, Rates & Calendars

Individual State & Local Tax Library

  • Comprehensive collection of primary source materials supported by editorial commentary
  • State Taxation, Third Edition by Hellerstein and Hellerstein
  • WG&L's Journal of Multistate Taxation and Incentives
  • Unparalleled coverage of multistate issues 

Tax Advisors Planning System: Series #2 is a special selection of titles focused on the basic organizational and structural concerns for domestic closely-held businesses. Written by a national network of expert practitioners, TAPS Series #2 focuses on topics covering every stage of the business cycle: formation, operation, sale or transfer, even estate and compensation planning for the owners. Each title includes Commentary--current rules of a transaction and planning insights or techniques, and Practice Aids--sample agreements, business-generating client letters, election statements, wills, trusts, checklists, etc.

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