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Federal Tax Valuation

Federal Tax Valuation

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    2 times/year
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    John Bogdanski
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Main volume(s), which includes latest update; future updates sold separately.
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The only reference that analyzes every case and ruling on property valuation for federal tax purposes.

Federal Tax Valuation provides in-depth analysis of fair market value, valuation approaches, valuation in the absence of an active market, minority discounts and the “swing vote” theory, the enigmatic lack-of-marketability discount, and strategies for valuing S corporation stock.

You'll find concise and comprehensive answers to all important estate planning questions concerning valuations.

Keep abreast of all the court cases and IRS rulings on valuation of family limited partnerships (FLPs) and other tax-avoidance entities. Find out how to create and defend discounts for undivided partial interests in property, such as tenancies in common; how to value stock in S corporations; how to establish GRATs, QPRTs, and other tax-minimizing trusts; and how to obtain valuation benefits using buy-sell agreements and other transfer restrictions.