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Federal Taxation of Trusts, Grantors and Beneficiaries

Federal Taxation of Trusts, Grantors and Beneficiaries

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Federal Taxation of Trusts, Grantors & Beneficiaries, Third Edition provides all of the information, analysis and guidance you need to minimize tax liabilities on trusts.

This treatise covers all types of trusts, including GRATS, GRUTS, QPRTS, defective or intentional grantor trusts, S corporation trusts, foreign trusts, charitable trusts, marital deduction trusts, and trusts for minors.

Get comprehensive, integrated analysis of the federal income, estate, and gift tax implications; a detailed, independent treatment of the generation-skipping transfer tax; valuable planning guidelines, including suggestions and warnings about marital deduction trusts, generation-skipping trusts, and grantor-retained income trusts.

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  • Part 1: General Planning Guidelines
    • General Estate Planning Guidelines
  • Part 2: Basic Trusts
    • Creation of Inter Vivos Nongrantor and Testamentary Trusts
    • Income Taxation of Nongrantor Trusts and Beneficiaries
  • Part 3: Grantor Trusts
    • Irrevocable Grantor Benefit Trusts
    • Irrevocable Grantor Control Trusts
    • Revocable Trusts
  • Part 4: Special Beneficiary Trusts
    • Trusts for Spouses
    • Trusts Incident to Separation or Divorce
    • Trusts for Minors
    • Powers of Appointment
    • Generation-Skipping Trusts
    • Charitable Trusts
  • Part 5: Special Asset Trusts
    • Problems with Particular Assets
    • Life Insurance Trusts
    • Community Property Trusts
    • Trusts with Foreign-Based Assets