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PPC's Guide to Practical Estate Planning

PPC's Guide to Practical Estate Planning

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Estate planning is more than just planning for transfer taxes. The recent changes will significantly impact the focus of estate planning. It's more important than ever to revisit your clients' existing estate plans to help them plan for their financial and personal needs after retirement, as well as evaluate and help them implement their goals for transferring their wealth. Estate planning involves both tax saving and nontax planning services. PPC's Guide to Practical Estate Planning can help you develop practical solutions to wealth transfer challenges.

This Guide covers:

  • Deciding between the portability election and bypass trusts
  • Maximizing the step-up in basis of assets
  • Advantages and disadvantages of lifetime giving
  • Elder care planning
  • Planning for incapacity
  • Beneficiary designations for qualified retirement plans and IRAs and life insurance policies
  • Creating family limited partnerships
  • Planning for retirement plan distributions
  • Charitable transfers
  • Advantages of creating lifetime trusts
  • Planning for the terminally ill client

Also included are numerous timesaving practice aids that show you what to look for when reviewing a will or trust instrument, how to perform a life insurance checkup, and how to determine the income tax consequences of property distributions from an estate.

  • Practical Estate Planning
    • Chapter 1 A Systems Approach to Estate Planning
    • Chapter 2 Overview of Federal Estate, Generation-skipping Transfer, and Gift Taxes
    • Chapter 3 Lifetime Giving Strategies
    • Chapter 4 Wealth Transfer Planning Using Lifetime Trusts
    • Chapter 5 Wealth Transfer Planning without Trusts
    • Chapter 6 Transfers of Business Interests
    • Chapter 7 Charitable Transfers
    • Chapter 8 Valuation Issues
    • Chapter 9 Generation-skipping Transfers
    • Chapter 10 Life Insurance and Liquidity
    • Chapter 11 Retirement Plan Distributions
    • Chapter 12 Marital Transfers
    • Chapter 13 Elder Care Planning
    • Chapter 14 Incapacity and Terminally Ill Planning
    • Chapter 15 Postmortem Estate Planning
    • Chapter 16 Reviewing Wills, Trusts, and Other Documents
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