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Partnership Taxation Library

Partnership Taxation Library

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Partnership Taxation Library provides you with access to two products you should not be without: Federal Taxation of Partnerships & Partners and Partnership Taxation. You get premium partnership tax analysis providing complete and detailed discussion of planning issues and strategies relating to partnerships and their partners through the differing views and approaches of two groups of recognized experts.

This library includes:

Federal Taxation of Partnerships & Partners, Third Edition by McKee, Nelson & Whitmire has a practitioners' perspective. It has been cited as central authority by the courts and the IRS in over 100 tax cases and rulings, and has been used as an important secondary reference in many more. It provides practitioners with:

  • The most up-to-date, comprehensive coverage of the partnership tax rules
  • Strategic advice on how to use these rules to achieve the best tax results for their clients
  • Information in an easy-to-use, transactional format
  • Numerous examples that provide clear illustrations of the various approaches that can be taken with respect to a particular transaction
  • Frequent supplementation that arms subscribers with the most current guidance and innovative strategies in the partnership tax area

Partnership Taxation, Sixth Edition by Willis, Pennell, Postlewaite & Lipton has a more academic perspective. It is arranged around the life cycle of a partnership or a limited liability company, from the tax consequences of formation and operation, to the liquidation or sale of an interest therein. Separate chapters specifically address:

  • Audits of partnerships and their partners
  • Family partnerships
  • International partnerships
  • Death of a partner
  • Passive activity rules with regard to partnerships
  • Professional partnerships
  • At-risk rules with regard to partnerships