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Quickfinder Tax and Financial Tools

Quickfinder Tax and Financial Tools

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All jobs get done better and faster when you have the right tools.

Quickfinder Tax and Financial Tools is specifically designed to help tax professionals do more each tax year without investing more time.

With one simple download, the easy to use, comprehensive toolkit enables you to proactively communicate and implement tax-saving opportunities for your clients. It also saves valuable time when assisting clients with proposed transactions or responding to their tax questions. It provides hundreds of tools, including tax and financial planning calculators, worksheets, decision flowcharts, Federal and State tax forms, tax organizers and client handouts that will save valuable time when preparing tax returns or advising individual and small business clients in tax and financial planning matters.

Comprehensive tax practice resources that can impact your bottom line
  • Provide proactive tax planning guidance
  • Respond quickly, consistently and accurately to client questions
  • Saves time when “running the numbers”: tax and financial calculations, estimated tax projections, evaluating tax-saving opportunities, etc.
  • Improve accuracy – hundreds of ready-to-use calculators, handouts and decision trees 
  • Ensures consistency across team members during busy times
Distinguish yourself with your clients via professional client management and communication
  • Consistent, professional client communication templates
  • Intuitive and easy to use client management and documentation platform allows client worksheets, decision trees, handouts and other output to be stored in one easy-to-access location. 


  • Individual Tax Calculator -  a robust two-year individual income tax calculator to help you estimate your client’s  income to determine quarterly estimated tax and  extension payments or evaluate  tax-saving opportunities.
  • Financial Calculators — a comprehensive set of essential calculators  help you quickly “run the numbers” and evaluate  business, retirement, investment, mortgages and  loans, and other personal finance issues.  These calculators will help you advise your clients with confidence, speed and accuracy.
  • Tax Flowcharts — flowcharts that walk you step-by-step through the maze of various complex tax issues, save valuable time and get you to the answer you need.
  • Tax Forms — a comprehensive library of Federal tax, ACA Health Care, and California  tax forms that are frequently not included in your tax preparation software. 
  • Tax Worksheets —essential individual,   business and health care  tax worksheets that are sure to save you time with the tax computations you won’t find in your tax preparation software.
  • Tax Organizers — tax organizers geared specifically for special types of individual taxpayers that tax preparation software typically doesn’t cover. Plus, you also get various tax organizers that will help your business clients gather the information you need to efficiently prepare their returns.
  • Client Handouts — a wide variety of professionally-designed handouts you can give your clients to help explain individual and business tax topics, customized with your business contact information.