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Retirement Planning: Tax and Financial Strategies

Retirement Planning: Tax and Financial Strategies

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Retirement Planning: Tax & Financial Strategies provides comprehensive, integrated coverage of all the fundamental questions regarding tax planning for retirement.

Supplemented with the latest legislative, judicial and administrative developments, and taking into account a broad spectrum of circumstances and special issues, this guide provides coverage for:

  • Qualified plan lump sum distributions and periodic payments and rollovers
  • Stock options and stock bonus plans
  • Social Security and healthcare benefits
  • Income tax and estate planning changes at retirement

Avoid practitioner liability as you design consummate plans that provide for your clients' carefree enjoyment of their retirement.

  • Retirement Planning: Tax and Financial Strategies - Streng & Davis
    • Part I Problems and Objectives of Retiring Clients
      • Chapter 1: The Retirement Planning Environment
    • Part II Employment-Related Retirement Benefits
      • Chapter 2: Qualified Plan Distributions
      • Chapter 3: Deferred Executive Compensation
      • Chapter 4: Stock Option and Stock Bonus Plans—Other Property Transfers
      • Chapter 5: Individual Retirement Accounts
      • Chapter 6: Employment Fringe Benefits
    • Part III Terminating Business Ownership at Retirement
      • Chapter 7: Disposition of the Corporate Business at Retirement
      • Chapter 8: Restructuring the Closely Held Corporate Business Investment at Retirement
      • Chapter 9: Terminating the Partnership Affiliation
      • Chapter 10: Restructuring Other Business or Investment Arrangements at Retirement
    • Part IV Estate Planning for Retirees
      • Chapter 11: Fundamental Income and Gift Tax Strategies for the Retiree
      • Chapter 12: Wills/Estate Tax Planning for the Retiree
      • Chapter 13: Trust Mechanisms
      • Chapter 14: Confronting Possible Incapacity
    • Part V Special Situations
      • Chapter 15: Sale or Lease of the Personal Residence at Retirement
      • Chapter 16: Intrafamily Purchases and Sales
      • Chapter 17: Life Insurance Owned by the Retiree
      • Chapter 18: Charitable Transfers by the Retiree
    • Part VI Multijurisdictional Planning at Retirement
      • Chapter 19: Relocating Across State Borders
      • Chapter 20: Tax Planning in Selected U.S. Retirement Locations
      • Chapter 21: Transnational Considerations for the Retiree
    • Part VII Investment Planning for Retirees
      • Chapter 22: Readily Tradable Investments
      • Chapter 23: Tax-Advantaged Investments at and During Retirement
    • Part VIII Social Security/Health Care Benefits
      • Chapter 24: Social Security Benefits
      • Chapter 25: Health Insurance and Deductions