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Small Business Quickfinder Handbook

Small Business Quickfinder Handbook

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  • The 2017 tax year editions will be available in December 2017. Pre-order your editions today.

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The Small Business Quickfinder Handbook is your trusted source for quick reference to tax principles that apply when preparing business and fiduciary income, estate and gift, tax-exempt organization, and payroll tax returns. It covers the essentials of preparing these tax filings, including detailed, true-to-life examples with filled-in forms and line-by-line explanations, and thoroughly addresses tax law changes and IRS developments, all in a concise, easy-to-use format.

From start-up to termination issues, and everything in between - including employee benefits, accounting methods and principles, deductions, credits, and tax planning - this Handbook is a unique, one-stop solution for your many tax questions.

Here’s what you’ll get with this useful tool:

  • Material that’s organized in a unique tab structure based on the IRS tax forms and schedules
  • Loads of quick reference tables and charts to get you the answers you’re looking for quickly
  • Examples throughout to illustrate how the tax rules apply and how to report items on the return
  • A What’s New tab that summarizes significant current-year tax changes that are addressed throughout the Handbook, so you can quickly get up to speed on what’s changed
  • References throughout the Handbook to relevant Internal Revenue Code sections, IRS regulations and rulings, and court cases so you can dig deeper into a subject if needed

See information above for new edition availability. To order the current or prior tax year editions, please call us at 800-510-8997.

  • Small Business Quickfinder Handbook 2015
    • Small Business Quickfinder Handbook
    • Tab A—Reference Materials and Worksheets
    • Tab B—Partnerships
      • Basics of Partnerships
      • Partnership Income and Expenses
      • Basis
      • Built-In Gain or Loss
      • Partnership Distributions
      • Partnership Example
    • Tab C—Corporations
      • Basics of Corporations
      • Capital Contributions
      • Section 1244 Stock Losses
      • Small Business Stock
      • Distributions
      • Earnings and Profits (E&P)
      • Accumulated Earnings Tax
      • Corporate Income and Expenses
      • Corporate AMT
      • Losses and Miscellaneous Items
      • Corporation Example
    • Tab D—S Corporations
      • Basics of S Corporations
      • S Corporation Taxes
      • Reasonable Wages
      • Shareholder’s Basis
      • Distributions
      • S Corporation Example
    • Tab E—Tax-Exempt Organizations
      • Basics of Tax-Exempt Organizations
      • Private Foundations
      • Becoming an Exempt Organization
      • Form 990, 990-EZ or 990-N
      • Contributions to Tax-Exempt Organizations
      • Unrelated Business Income Tax (Form 990-T)
    • Tab F—Other Business Entities
      • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
      • LLCs and Entity Classification
      • LLC Creation and Conversions
      • LLCs—Other Considerations
      • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
      • Personal Service Corporation (PSC)
      • Personal Holding Company (PHC)
    • Tab G—Fiduciary Tax Returns (Form 1041)
      • Overview of Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates
      • Simple Trust—Detailed Example
      • Complex Trust—Detailed Example
    • Tab H—Estate and Gift Tax Returns
      • Death of a Taxpayer
      • Taxable Income in the Year of Death
      • Final Form 1040
      • Gift Tax Return (Form 709)
      • Estate Tax Return (Form 706)
      • Basis in Property
      • Valuing Property
      • Taxable Estate Example
      • Comprehensive Example—Portability Election
    • Tab I—Payroll Tax Returns
      • Payroll Tax Deposit Requirements
      • Payroll Tax Payments
      • Withholding Methods and Examples
      • Payroll Tax Reporting
      • Special Compensation
      • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
      • Other Payroll Tax Issues
    • Tab J—Depreciation and Amortization
      • Section 179 Deduction
      • Recapture—Section 179 and Listed Property
      • Short Tax Year—MACRS
      • Depreciation Recapture
      • General Asset Account (GAA) Depreciation
      • Capitalization Rules
      • Amortization
      • Depletion
      • Oil and Gas
      • Auto Depreciation
      • Contributed Property
    • Tab K—Employee Benefit Plans
      • Basics of Employee Benefits
      • Tax-Free Fringe Benefits
      • Dependent and Child Care
      • Meals and Lodging
      • Health Insurance Benefits
      • Disability Insurance Benefits
      • Long-Term Care Insurance
      • Cafeteria Plans
      • Nonqualified Deferred-Compensation Plans
      • Employer-Provided Autos
      • Qualified Retirement Plans
      • Other Employer Retirement Plans
      • Form 5500
    • Tab L—Accounting Methods and Principles
      • Accounting Methods
      • Tax Year
      • Inventories
      • Uniform Capitalization Rules
      • Bookkeeping Basics
      • Double-Entry Bookkeeping
      • Balance Sheet
    • Tab M—Starting a New Business
      • Start-up Considerations
      • Business Plan
      • Pre-Incorporation/LLC/Partnership Agreements
      • Organizational and Start-Up Costs
      • Identifying Start-Up Costs Capitalization
      • Employment Issues
      • Labor Laws
      • Selling to U.S. Government
      • Financing
      • Buy/Sell Agreements and Succession Planning
      • Business Valuation Methods
    • Tab N—Acquisitions, Dispositions and Liquidations
      • Partnership Liquidations
      • Sales and Exchanges of Pass-Through Business Entity Interests
      • Corporate Liquidations
      • Stock Redemptions
      • Corporate Reorganizations
      • Disposition of Assets
      • Asset Acquisitions
    • Tab O—Deductions, Credits and Books vs. Tax
      • U.S. Production Deduction
      • Tax Credits
      • Selected Energy Tax Incentives for Businesses
      • Net Income per Books vs.Taxable Income
    • Tab P—Tax Planning for the Small Business
      • Home Office for the Small Business
      • S Corporation vs. C Corporation
      • Adjustment to Basis of Partnership Property—Section 754 Election
    • TAB Q—What’s New
      • Affordable Care Act— New for 2015
    • Back Cover