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Subchapter S Taxation

Subchapter S Taxation

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Practical expert advice on taxation of closely held corporations.

Subchapter S Taxation, Fourth Edition stands out as the practical guide for practitioners dealing with S corporations.

This detailed guide focuses specifically on the most effective solutions for problems encountered in the day-to-day practice related to Subchapter S corporations.

Coverage includes:

  • Detailed examples and guidance for selecting entities
  • Factors important in dissolving or converting an S corporation into other forms
  • Tax impact of conversion of LLCs or partnerships to S corporations
  • Practical guidance as to the risks and dangers in accomplishing and continuing qualification as a Subchapter S corporation 

  • Christian & Grant: Subchapter S Taxation
    • Part I Decision Whether to Elect Under Subchapter S
      • Chapter 1: Subchapter S Corporation and Nonelecting Corporation
      • Chapter 2: Subchapter S Corporation Compared to Partnership
      • Chapter 3: Subchapter S Corporation Compared to Limited Liability Company
      • Chapter 4: Applicability or Desirability of Subchapter S Election in Special Situations
      • Chapter 5: Effect of Election on Particular Deductions and Credits
      • Chapter 6: Some Pitfalls of Subchapter S Election
    • Part II Qualification for Subchapter S Election
      • Chapter 7: Number of Shareholders
      • Chapter 8: Types of Shareholders
      • Chapter 9: One Class of Stock
      • Chapter 10: Other Requirements
      • Chapter 11: Sources of Income
    • Part III Making the Election
      • Chapter 12: Timing of Election
      • Chapter 13: Manner of Making Election
      • Chapter 14: Shareholder Consents
    • Part IV Income Tax Consequences of Subchapter S Elections
      • Chapter 15: Effect of Election on Corporation
      • Chapter 16: Taxation of Shareholders: Passthrough of Income, Deductions, Losses and Credit
      • Chapter 17: Taxation of Shareholders—Capital Gains and Losses
      • Chapter 18: Losses and Deductions
      • Chapter 19: Basis of Stock and Indebtedness Owing to Shareholders
      • Chapter 20: Shifting of Income Among Family Members
      • Chapter 21: Corporate Returns and Tax Years
    • Part V Distributions
      • Chapter 22: Distributions: Corporations Without Accumulated Earnings and Profits
      • Chapter 23: Distributions: Corporations with Accumulated Earnings and Profits
      • Chapter 24: Money Distributions and Undistributed Taxable Income
      • Chapter 25: Prior Law—Distributions of Previously Taxed Income
      • Chapter 26: Nonmonetary Distributions
      • Chapter 27: Summary: Source and Effect of Distributions
    • Part VI Changes in Corporation or Its Shareholders
      • Chapter 28: Taxable Sales and Liquidations
      • Chapter 29: Reorganizations
      • Chapter 30: Death of Shareholder
    • Part VII Termination of Election
      • Chapter 31: Involuntary Termination
      • Chapter 32: Voluntary Termination
    • Part VIII Practical Considerations in Operations of Subchapter S Corporations
      • Chapter 33: Shareholders' Agreements
      • Chapter 34: Other Considerations
      • Chapter 35: Internal Revenue Service Publication 589