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Tax Desk® Web Library 2: North Dakota

Tax Desk® Web Library 2: North Dakota

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Tax Desk® Web Package 2 consists of Tax Desk, a State & Local Reporter service, and Tax Advisors Planning System: Series #2.

For the practitioner who services small businesses and individuals, Tax Desk is a complete analytical service packaged with primary source materials, practice aids and a comprehensive weekly newsletter. Tax Desk provides a wealth of useful definitions, cautions, illustrations, recommendations and observations in clear business English, with a unique, practice-oriented focus. RIA's expert analysis offers helpful commentary and specific compliance guidance. Coverage includes such key areas as taxation of individuals, partnerships, S corporations, cost recovery (including depreciation), net operating losses, compensation for small business owners, passive losses and credits, capital gains and losses, and much, much more.

The State & Local Reporter service provides you with the best in-depth, complete answers to hundreds of state tax questions. Contains comprehensive coverage of state and local taxes including corporate and personal income, sales and use, limited liability companies/partnerships, insurance/gross premiums, estate & gift, property, recordation, license and business occupation, excise, fuel and mineral, public utilities, general administrative provisions and special local taxes along with relevant statutes and regulations, cases, rulings, editorial explanations, annotations of court and agency decisions and selected forms instructions.

Tax Advisors Planning System: Series #2 is a special selection of titles focused on the basic organizational and structural concerns for domestic closely-held businesses. Written by a national network of expert practitioners, TAPS Series #2 focuses on topics covering every stage of the business cycle: formation, operation, sale or transfer, even estate and compensation planning for the owners. Each title includes Commentary--current rules of a transaction and planning insights or techniques, and Practice Aids--sample agreements, business-generating client letters, election statements, wills, trusts, checklists, etc.

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