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Tax Fraud and Evasion: Money Laundering, Asset Forfeiture, Sentencing

Tax Fraud and Evasion: Money Laundering, Asset Forfeiture, Sentencing

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Tax Fraud & Evasion: Money Laundering, Asset Forfeiture, Sentencing [Vol. 2] provides comprehensive coverage of sentencing under the Sentencing Guidelines for tax, money-laundering, currency, and related offenses; civil and criminal forfeiture initiated by the IRS; and of Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment issues, all of which make this an indispensable reference.

When will "willful blindness" subject a client to criminal charges, civil penalties, or forfeiture? What is the scope of a corporation's rights under the Fourth Amendment? When can an individual invoke the Fifth Amendment privilege? The answers to these and hundreds of other critical questions concerning the law and its interpretation are at hand with this 2nd volume.

  • Comisky, Feld & Harris: Money Laundering, Asset Forfeiture and Related Topics (Tax Fraud & Evasion Vol. 2)
    • Chapter 11: Monetary and Currency Offenses
    • Chapter 12: Code Forfeitures and Extraordinary IRS Seizure Remedies
    • Chapter 13: Civil and Criminal Money-Laundering Forfeitures
    • Chapter 14: Constitutional Privileges—Fourth Amendment
    • Chapter 15: Constitutional Privileges—Fifth Amendment and Sixth Amendment
    • Chapter 16: Sentencing for Tax, Money-Laundering, and Currency-Reporting Offenses
    • Chapter 17: Sentencing Guidelines (Adjustments, Enhancements, and Departures) Applicable to Tax, Money-Laundering, and Currency-Reporting Offenses
    • Appendix 11. Monetary and Currency Forms and Guidelines
    • Appendix 12. Remission and Mitigation Regulations
    • Appendix 13. Attorney Fee Forfeitures
    • Appendix 14. Search Warrants
    • Appendix 16. Sentencing Guidelines, Policy Statements, Tables, Worksheets, and Departure Factors
    • Appendix 17. Sentencing Guidelines—Adjustments, Enhancements, and Departures