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Tax Planning for Highly Compensated Individuals

Tax Planning for Highly Compensated Individuals

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    2 times/year
  • New Fourth Edition.

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    Robert Madden
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The new Fourth Edition of Tax Planning for Highly Compensated Individuals by Robert E. Madden is a fully integrated examination of the tax, compensation and estate planning strategies that work best for executives and other highly compensated individuals. Updated with thorough and timely analysis of the latest regulations, legislation and relevant case law, this newly revised treatise will equip you with proven tools, strategies and techniques to fully understand your clients’ financial assets and develop the most effective strategy for reducing their lifetime tax burden and safeguarding their accumulated wealth and estate. Whether you’re an attorney, a financial or estate planner or an accountant, this treatise will deliver authoritative insights and in-depth guidance on the three major components of a well-balanced, integrated tax and estate plan

  • Tax Planning — including the alternative minimum tax, trusts, planned giving and charitable gifts and general planning strategies
  • Compensation Planning — including deferred income, income taxation of life insurance, qualified retirement plans, equity-based plans and fringe benefits
  • Estate Planning — including estate taxation of life insurance and compensation plans, wealth transfers, lifetime gifts, irrevocable lifetime trusts, private annuities, powers of appointment, special use valuation, wills, portability, disclaimers and state estate tax planning
Tax Planning for Highly Compensated Individuals will help you reduce risk by taking a coordinated approach to tax, compensation and estate planning issues. You will gain the comfort and confidence that comes with knowing that your recommended strategy has been developed in full view of your clients’ financial assets and that it is the best strategy for them. It delivers authoritative guidance on how to create an overall planning strategy that reduces your clients’ lifetime tax burden and provides for the preservation and transfer of their estate at the lowest tax cost.

  • Tax Planning for Highly Compensated Individuals - Madden
    • Part I General Tax-Planning Strategies
      • Chapter 1: Profile of the Highly Compensated Individual
      • Chapter 2: Income Tax Overview
      • Chapter 3: Planning With Lifetime Trusts
      • Chapter 4: Planned Giving and Charitable Gifts
    • Part II Compensation Planning
      • Chapter 5: Deferred Compensation
      • Chapter 6: Options, Stock, and Other Equity-Based Plans
      • Chapter 7: Qualified Plans
      • Chapter 8: Income Taxation of Life Insurance
      • Chapter 9: Fringe Benefits
    • Part III Estate Planning
      • Chapter 10: Taxation of Wealth Transfers
      • Chapter 11: Lifetime Gifts
      • Chapter 12: Irrevocable Lifetime Trusts
      • Chapter 13: Estate Taxation of Life Insurance
      • Chapter 14: Estate Planning for Compensation Plans
      • Chapter 15: Tax Planning With Wills
      • Chapter 16: Private Annuities, Powers of Appointment, and Special Use Valuation
      • Chapter 17: Disclaimers
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