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U.S. Tax Reporter: Estate and Gift

U.S. Tax Reporter: Estate and Gift

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  • Frequency of Updates:

    Twice a month
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    Research Institute of America




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A comprehensive and up-to-date source of federal tax law, regulations, committee reports, cases, rulings, annotations of cases and rulings, explanations, and full coverage of federal estate and gift taxes.

The U.S. Tax Reporter: Estate & Gift gives you:

  • RIA's highly experienced, full-time staff of experts ensures you have consistent, high quality analysis and commentary
  • Thorough coverage of federal estate and gift taxes organized by Code section for easy access. And, all conveniently updated in place so there's no need to track down recent developments
  • Annotations of related decisions and rulings are broken down by issue for each estate and gift Code section
  • Smart paragraphing tells you at a glance if the paragraph deals with the code section at hand. The researcher can even tell the Code section from the paragraph number located in the topic index
  • Authoritative explanation of federal estate and gift tax law written in business English and citations to authorities
  • Editor's commentary in the form of Observations, Tax Tips, Recommendations, Cautions and Examples provide professional insights above and beyond the explanation of the law
  • Extensive cites to the authorities to support the analysis
  • RIA's complete compilation of the Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations for speedy reference
  • Federal Taxes Weekly Alert newsletter with commentary and reports on all significant federal tax developments