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Orbitax International Tax Research & Compliance Expert

Orbitax International Tax Research & Compliance Expert

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Orbitax International Tax Research and Compliance Expert not only provides you with the world's most complete array of cross-border tax analysis and data, but also gives you integrated modeling and calculation tools so you can immediately apply your research to your daily workflow.

Covering well over 100 global jurisdictions, this unique resource saves you time by putting a full range of international tax research materials and tools on one easy-to-use platform.

Research and compliance materials and tools include:

NEW! Orbitax Tax Calendar tracks dates for critical tax events associated with Corporate Income Tax (CIT), Value Added Tax (VAT) and Transfer Pricing (TP), and also automatically calculates return due dates, final payment due dates, and estimated payment due dates, based on the tax year end information.

Domestic, treaty, and EU tax rates for 120 countries including links to the full tax treaty documents.

Corporate tax rates, surtaxes, and effective tax rates listing corporate tax rates for the current year, the past five years, and approved changes for future years.  Also provides individual tax and VAT Rates by country.

Country Snapshots providing concise compilations of key tax facts.

Country Tax Summaries describing key tax rules relevant for multinational companies doing business outside their home country. Topics covered include forms of doing business, corporate and withholding tax rules for resident and non-resident businesses, anti avoidance rules and indirect tax rules.

Country Chapters offering in-depth practical tax guidance for over 70 countries, focusing on all aspects of the tax system that are of relevance to cross-border business and international structuring.  Coverage is focused on four main areas: Corporate law aspects, all substantive tax aspects of relevance to cross-border business & restructuring, base protection & anti-avoidance, and tax management & compliance.

Modeling tools to analyze the rules with relevant tax attributes and tools to compare rules across countries and create reports in Excel and PDF.

Global Tax Treaty Database:  Repository of worldwide tax treaties (in English) for over 100 countries, plus relevant treaty material such as: OECD, UN and US Models, relevant EU Directives, and US Technical Explanations.

Treaty Analysis: a succinct presentation of the most important features of 350 treaties most relevant to international business and tax structuring, accessible via relevant links through the software.

Tax Treaty Wizard with treaty commentary showing how to read a tax treaty, step by step guidance on how to walk through the steps of using a tax treat (relevant links included.)

Strategies and Checklists providing step-by-step guides on how to use the software features to implement eight tried and tested international tax strategies and assemble the results in one comprehensive report.

Tax Memo Generator that automatically creates memos with calculations for tax return due dates, interest and penalties, NOL carry-forwards, transfer pricing ratios, thin cap limitations, etc.

Compliance checklists that provide key country tax compliance facts including filing requirements and due dates, interest and penalties on late and incorrect returns, statutes of limitations, refunds, etc.

Anti-Avoidance Checklists with data on LOB clauses, transfer pricing, CFC rules and thin capitalization rules compliance.

Compare feature that allows compliance rules to be compared across countries/jurisdictions.

Key tax forms translated into English for 80+ countries, including corporate tax return forms, treaty benefit claim forms, withholding tax reporting forms and VAT  forms.

Automatic document translation tool - instantly translate any PDF document (scanned or electronic) into English or any other language and save a side-by-side view of both the original and translated forms.

Ability to automatically transfer data from your form into the certified English translation

Automatic foreign currency conversions of amounts entered into the original language form or any other document (including financial statements) uploaded into the software.

A comprehensive listing of all global tax administration sites for each country, enabling you to link directly to underlying data sources.

What truly sets International Tax Research and Compliance Expert apart from any other global tax research platform is the way it combines research, guidance, and compliance materials with powerful tools and calculators.

Cross border tax calculators and optimizers are embedded at relevant points within the research and compliance content, enabling you to quickly understand how the tax rates and rules identified in your research could potentially impact specific transactions, or your overall organization.