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PPC's Guide to Compilation and Review Engagements

PPC's Guide to Compilation and Review Engagements

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Place your order now for the 2017 edition of the Guide, updated throughout for SSARS No. 23 and the revised guidance in the newest edition of the AICPA Guide: Preparation, Compilation, and Review Engagements. Print version is scheduled to ship by end of July. Checkpoint version is scheduled to be available mid July.

Compilation and review engagements require comprehensive, up-to-date reference resources to help you ensure that you're complying with the latest accounting standards. PPC's Guide to Compilation and Review Engagements contains hundreds of practice aids, sample reports, sample disclosures, and financial statements to help you perform your engagements correctly and with maximum efficiency.

Dozens of timesaving tools will ensure you'll stay in compliance with professional standards and peer review requirements, reducing your risk of non-compliance. You’ll be able to address nearly every situation you might encounter in a review or compilation engagement and have critical information and tools at hand, including:

  • The basics of compilation and review services
  • In-depth guidance for specific entities and unique engagements, such as personal financial statements and nonprofit organizations
  • Streamlined forms and checklists
  • Engagement and management representation letters
  • Accountant's reports and procedure checklists
  • Discussions to help you understand new accounting requirements

Authored by respected experts with decades of practice experience, PPC's Guide to Compilation and Review Engagements has been regarded as the authority for compilation and review engagements for more than 30 years.

  • Compilation and Review Engagements
    • Chapter 1 Background Information
    • Chapter 2 Engagement Administration
    • Chapter 3 Compilation Procedures and Checklists
    • Chapter 4 Review Procedures and Checklists
    • Chapter 5 Form and Presentation of Financial Statements
    • Chapter 6 Reporting on Compiled or Reviewed Financial Statements
    • Chapter 7 Interim Engagements
    • Chapter 8 Financial Statements Presented in Accordance with a Special Purpose Framework
    • Chapter 9 Personal Financial Statements
    • Chapter 10 Proprietorships
    • Chapter 11 Partnerships
    • Chapter 12 S Corporations
    • Chapter 13 Prescribed Forms
    • Chapter 14 Forecasts, Projections, and Similar Items
    • Chapter 15 Personal Financial Plans
    • Chapter 16 Estates and Trusts
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