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PPC's Nonprofit Financial and Accounting Manual

PPC's Nonprofit Financial and Accounting Manual

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PPC's Nonprofit Financial and Accounting Manual provides you with comprehensive, how-to guidance on performing the accounting and recordkeeping function for a nonprofit organization. It is written in plain language and focuses on areas of particular interest to the nonprofit accountant. The Manual includes step-by-step instructions and flow charts, practical examples, questionnaires, checklists, and sample forms to use.

The Manual covers such relevant topics as

  • The basics of nonprofit accounting, financial statement preparation, and taxation.
  • Processing cash receipts and revenue, cash disbursements, payroll, and the general ledger and implementing the related basic internal controls.
  • An overview of federal grant compliance and the single audit from the perspective of the auditee.
  • Selecting an outside CPA and providing assistance to the outside CPA in connection with the annual audit and tax return preparation.
  • Preparing a nonprofit organization budget.
  • Selecting accounting and fixed asset software.

PPC’s Nonprofit Financial and Accounting Manual is written by authors with experience with numerous types of nonprofit organizations who have seen the best practices that can help nonprofit organizations properly perform the accounting and financial reporting function.

  • Nonprofit Financial and Accounting Manual
    • Chapter 1 Introduction to the Nonprofit Environment and Nonprofit Accounting
    • Chapter 2 Nonprofit Accounting
    • Chapter 3 Nonprofit Taxation
    • Chapter 4 Processing Revenue and Cash Receipts
    • Chapter 5 Processing Purchases and Payments
    • Chapter 6 Processing Payrolls
    • Chapter 7 Maintaining the General Ledger and Recording Adjustments
    • Chapter 8 Preparing Financial Statements
    • Chapter 9 Federal Grant Compliance and the Single Audit
    • Chapter 10 Assisting Outside CPAs
    • Chapter 11 The Budget Process
    • Chapter 12 Selecting Software
    • INDEX
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