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PPC's Guide to Business Valuations

PPC's Guide to Business Valuations

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Business valuations require a significant amount of careful consideration and judgment. Our expert authors, Mr. Jay Fishman, Dr. Shannon Pratt, and Mr. James Hitchner, give you practical guidance to take you through each step of a valuation engagement and keep you current on valuation issues in PPC's Guide to Business Valuations.  Our checklists and illustrations reflect the guidance from SSVS No. 1 as well as the standards of the other business valuation organizations. You can use the same material the IRS uses to train its agents.


Our checklists, practice aids, and illustrations reflect the guidance from SSVS No. 1 as well as the standards of the other business valuation organizations. The Guide allows you to:

  • Access updated guidance and practical suggestions covering many facets of business valuation.
  • Use our case study to follow the valuation process from the pre-engagement process to the final valuation report. It illustrates the latest approaches and methods for each step of the valuation process.
  • Obtain a current analysis of the national economy that you may include in your valuation reports - a value of over $100 if purchased separately.

This Guide is crucial to your practice to help you comply with the relevant professional standards.

  • Business Valuations
    • Chapter 1 Overview of a Business Valuation Engagement
    • Chapter 2 Overview of Valuation Terms and Methodology
    • Chapter 3 Pre-engagement Procedures
    • Chapter 4 Data Gathering and Analysis
    • Chapter 5 Capitalized and Discounted Cash Flow Methods
    • Chapter 6 Valuation Methods Based on Guideline Company Data
    • Chapter 7 Asset-based, Excess Earnings, and Other Methods
    • Chapter 8 Wrapping up the Engagement
    • Chapter 9 Valuation Reports
    • Chapter 10 Estate and Gift Tax Valuations
    • Chapter 11 Valuing Professional Practices
    • Chapter 12 Valuations for Divorce Engagements
    • Chapter 13 Litigation Services
    • Chapter 14 Family Limited Partnerships
    • Chapter 15 Fair Value under Shareholder Dissent and Oppression Actions
    • Chapter 16 Valuing Non-traded Financial Options
    • Chapter 17 Fair Value Measurements, Business Combinations, Financial Reporting And The Valuation Of Intangible Assets
    • Business Valuations Checklists and Practice Aids
    • INDEX
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