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PPC's Guide to Cash, Tax and Other Bases of Accounting

PPC's Guide to Cash, Tax and Other Bases of Accounting

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PPC's Guide to Cash, Tax, and Other Bases of Accounting gives you clear guidance on financial statements prepared using a special purpose framework, also commonly known as an other comprehensive basis of accounting. The Guide not only explains the unique measurement and disclosure requirements of each basis of accounting, but the reporting options as well. It comes with both cash basis and tax basis disclosure checklists, example financial statements that cover a variety of entity types, note disclosures, and tailored compilation and review practice aids.

The Guide answers your questions and gives clear direction for your special purpose framework engagements with:

  • Detailed discussions of the latest FASB standards and tax laws and a practical discussion of their impact on special purpose financial statements
  • Illustrative compilation, review, and audit reports tailored for various special purpose financial statements
  • Tailored compilation and review practice aids for special purpose framework engagements
  • In-depth guidance on how various entity types such nonprofit organizations, estates and trusts, and professional service entities apply the different special purpose frameworks
  • Numerous sample financial statements and illustrative note disclosures to aid in preparing special purpose financial statements
  • Guidance on adapting your GAAP audit process to apply to audits of special purpose financial statements and selected tailored audit practice aids

  • Cash, Tax, and Other Bases of Accounting
    • Chapter 1 An Introduction to Special Purpose Financial Statements
    • Chapter 2 Form and Style Considerations
    • Chapter 3 Disclosures in Special Purpose Framework Presentations
    • Chapter 4 Cash Basis of Accounting
    • Chapter 5 Income Tax Basis of Accounting
    • Chapter 6 Other Bases of Accounting
    • Chapter 7 Reporting on Special Purpose Framework Financial Statements
    • Chapter 8 Special Entities
    • Chapter 9 Special Purpose Framework Engagement Considerations
    • Chapter 10 Interim Engagements
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