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Export Regulations (EAR)

Export Regulations (EAR)

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Looseleaf Pages Only
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Export Administration Regulations

Required text for exporter’s compliance.

A compilation of official regulations and policies governing the export licensing of commodities and technical data.

Online edition

  • Includes all updates free while subscription is active.

Print edition

  • Looseleaf Pages
  • 2 Heavy Duty 4"" D-Ring Binders (not included in looseleaf purchase)
  • Laminated indexing tabs with section numbers for easy reference (not included in looseleaf purchase)
  • Free* government-published updates
  • Anticipated government release in December prior to, or January of, edition date

*Supplements will be included at this price. However, for any re-prints (comprising more than 50% of the original), such as those caused by new FTA's, Boskage reserves the right to update the publication with CD-ROM only."