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Executive Compensation and Taxation Coordinator

Executive Compensation and Taxation Coordinator

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Executive Compensation & Taxation Coordinator is the only compensation service you need to recruit, motivate and retain executive talent.

RIA's experienced in-house specialists analyze all applicable Code sections, regulations, cases, rulings and procedures. The in-depth analysis is written in clear business language and organized by subject. Develop your plans with confidence while consulting citations to all controlling authorities and RIA's expert editorial.

In three comprehensive volumes, Executive Compensation & Taxation Coordinator lets you plan and create competitive compensation plans to attract and retain top talent.

Updated monthly with the latest critical developments, the Coordinator provides:

  • The full text of all relevant Code sections and regulations
  • Citations to controlling authorities in support of each analytical statement
  • A detailed annual executive compensation survey with which you can compare your compensation practices to those of other firms
  • Efficiency tools such as sample client letters
  • Executive Compensation Alert Newsletter, which brings you the latest developments in the field and highlights successful ideas and methods you can use in your compensation planning and design