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Federal Tax Accounting

Federal Tax Accounting

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Cited regularly by both the IRS and the courts, Federal Tax Accounting is the authoritative treatise on the subject of tax accounting, offering the information, analysis, and insights necessary to both comply with regulations and realize substantial tax savings. It provides lucid, practical guidance that will help you save money on your clients' or your company's tax accounting work. It also offers advice on handling an IRS audit on tax controversy. Federal Tax Accounting explains in depth the tax accounting rules, illustrates how they work, and sets forth planning opportunities and risks.

In particular, this treatise: 

  • Is written by a noted expert in the field, an active practitioner who has addressed the tax accounting issues of both major publicly held corporations and small businesses
  • Has been repeatedly cited by the courts and the IRS  as an authority in decisions
  • Covers the full range of tax accounting issues in greater breadth and depth than any other reference available
  • Provides expert analysis with clarity and sophistication
  • Makes an ideal audit-preparation tool

  • Gertzman: Federal Tax Accounting
    • Chapter 1: Tax Accounting—What Is It?
    • Chapter 2: Methods of Accounting
    • Chapter 3: The Cash Receipts and Disbursements Method
    • Chapter 4: Accrual Methods
    • Chapter 5: The Installment Method
    • Chapter 6: Inventories
    • Chapter 7: LIFO
    • Chapter 8: Changes in Methods of Accounting
    • Chapter 9: Accounting Changes Not Requiring IRS Approval
    • Chapter 10: Accounting Periods
    • Chapter 11: Time Value of Money
    • Chapter 12: Annual Accounting and Transactional Concepts
  • Federal Tax Accounting Sample View