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PPC's Guide to Dealing with the IRS

PPC's Guide to Dealing with the IRS

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2 Volumes
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Unlike other publications that just repeat the rules, PPC’s Guide to Dealing with the IRS shows you how to apply the rules for your clients’ benefit with more than 150 tools and practice aids that enable you and your staff to efficiently and effectively work with the IRS. With this Guide, you and your staff can:

  • Use the updated identity theft discussion and a new client profile that provides guidance on what to do if a client becomes a victim
  • Make sense of the foreign reporting rules with comprehensive guidance on who must file a FBAR or Form 8938 and what must be reported on the form
  • Know how to respond to IRS notices that are especially pertinent for exams and collection cases
  • Request a Taxpayer Assistance Order that can help clients who might be suffering hardship due to the fact that the IRS will not release a bank levy or take action on a refund claim or amended return
  • Take advantage of the Fresh Start Initiative to help clients who owe taxes and/or penalties, such as by obtaining a streamlined installment agreement for the client, or getting the IRS to withdraw a tax lien
  • Address the impact of the IRS imposing more penalties with discussions of penalty defenses and steps for appealing a penalty
  • Understand how to comply with Circular 230 rules with revised chapters on rules of practice in this area
  • Prepare an Offer in Compromise to help your client pay off a tax debt at a reduced amount.

  • Dealing with the IRS
    • Chapter 1 Overview of IRS Practice
    • Chapter 2 Tax Overpayments and Interest
    • Chapter 3 Statutes of Limitations
    • Chapter 4 Audit Procedures and Taxpayer Rights
    • Chapter 5 Audits of Individual Returns
    • Chapter 6 Audits of Business Returns
    • Chapter 7 Audits of Other Returns
    • Chapter 8 Appeals and Alternative Dispute Resolution
    • Chapter 9 Assessments and Abatements
    • Chapter 10 Collection Procedures, Installment Agreements, and Third-party Collection Issues
    • Chapter 11 Liens, Levies, Seizures, and Sale of Taxpayer's Property
    • Chapter 12 Innocent Spouse Relief
    • Chapter 13 Offers in Compromise
    • Chapter 14 The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
    • Chapter 15 Bankruptcy
    • Chapter 16 Representing Nonfilers
    • Chapter 17 Taxpayer and Preparer Penalties
    • Chapter 18 Criminal Investigations and Penalties
    • Chapter 19 Rules of Practice
    • Chapter 20 Access to Information
    • Chapter 21 Managing an IRS Engagement
    • Chapter 22 Client Profiles
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