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Partnership Taxation

Partnership Taxation

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One-year subscription, includes all updates.
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One-year subscription, includes all updates.
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The complete planning tool from the industry's leading experts.

Partnership Taxation Eighth Edition is a complete planning tool covering the latest techniques and legislative and judicial changes, including the popular family limited partnership.

Partnership Taxation is arranged around the life cycle of a partnership or a limited liability company, from the tax consequences of formation and operation, to liquidation or the sale of an interest therein.

This publication covers every corner of partnership taxation giving tax practitioners plans and procedures for tax savings available to partnerships--all substantiated by law. Real-life examples demonstrate exactly how these strategies work.

  • Willis & Postlewaite: Partnership Taxation
    • Chapter 1: General Concepts of Partnership Taxation
    • Chapter 2: The Family Partnership
    • Chapter 3: Limited Liability Companies/Limited Partnerships/ Publicly Traded Partnerships
    • Chapter 4: Forming the Partnership: Expenses of Formation; Contributions of Property; Contributions of Services
    • Chapter 5: Partner’s Basis for Partnership Interest
    • Chapter 6: Partnership Liabilities
    • Chapter 7: At Risk Limitation on Deduction of Partnership Loss
    • Chapter 8: Passive Activity Losses
    • Chapter 9: Operating the Partnership
    • Chapter 10: Partners’ Distributive Shares: Special and Retroactive Allocations
    • Chapter 11: Transactions Between Partners and Partnerships or Between Commonly Controlled Partnerships
    • Chapter 12: Sale, Exchange, or Other Disposition of Partnership Interest
    • Chapter 13: Distribution of Partnership Property Not Involving Changes in Proportionate Interests in “Tainted Assets”
    • Chapter 14: Distributions of Partnership Property That Change Proportionate Interests in Partnership “Hot or Tainted Assets”
    • Chapter 15: Section 736 Payments to Retiring Partner or to Successor of Deceased Partner
    • Chapter 16: Termination of a Partnership
    • Chapter 17: Death of a Partner
    • Chapter 18: The Professional Partnership
    • Chapter 19: Tax Shelters
    • Chapter 20: Partnership Level Audit
    • Chapter 21: International Partnerships
    • Chapter 22: Preparing Partnership Agreements