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Asset Protection: Legal Planning, Strategies and Forms

Asset Protection: Legal Planning, Strategies and Forms

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    4 times/year
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    Peter Spero
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Two-volume set, main volume(s), which includes latest update; future updates sold separately.
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One-year subscription, includes all updates.
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Asset protection has expanded as a factor in both business and estate planning fueled by more complex laws and spectacular awards to plaintiffs. Asset Protection: Legal Planning, Strategies and Forms, provides methods of arranging assets that will preserve as much value as possible for clients, their families and their businesses in the face of creditor attack. The process of asset protection is an interdisciplinary endeavor that involves not only debtor-creditor law, but also fraudulent transfers, ethics, criminal law, estate and gift taxation, trusts, partnerships, laws of foreign countries, conflicts of law, pension plans, corporate law, family law, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. This Treatise will provide you with a comprehensive and authoritative analysis of the law concerning asset protection.

Asset Protection: Legal Strategies, Planning, and Forms will help you with:

  • Developing estate plans and strategies to minimize taxes
  • Using checklists for step-by-step drafting guidance
  • Focusing on drafting and administering asset protection plans
  • Analyzing relevant law applicable to asset protection techniques

  • Asset Protection: Legal Planning, Strategies and Forms - Spero
    • Chapter 1: Overview
    • Chapter 2: Attorney Liability
    • Chapter 3: Fraudulent Transfer Laws
    • Chapter 4: Family Law
    • Chapter 5: Estate Planning Annuities and Trusts
    • Chapter 6: Spendthrift and Other Protective Trusts
    • Chapter 7: Foreign Trusts
    • Chapter 8: Choice of Entity
    • Chapter 9: Partnerships
    • Chapter 10: Limited Liability Companies
    • Chapter 11: Corporations
    • Chapter 12: Bankruptcy and State Court Proceedings
    • Chapter 13: Asset Protection and Tax Planning for Specific Assets
    • Chapter 14: Elder Law and Disabilities Law
    • Appendix A. State Bankruptcy Exemptions
  • Asset Protection: Legal Planning, Strategies and Forms Sample View